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Incident Films - Motionworks

A better way to look at investigations

Incident Films is a specialised division
of MotionWorks, tailored to the needs of
Health and Safety investigation

For more than a decade we have been producing investigative content.
Our clients are assured that we understand their needs, with a talented and professional production crew – familiar with the specialised and sensitive nature of investigative proceedings.

It’s why we work with some of the biggest law firms in the UK.

Animated reconstructions
Location filming
Drone surveys
Interview filming
Documentary films

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Present your evidence simply and effectively

Our services have been designed to help Counsel, Expert Witnesses, and legal teams present their findings clearly. Because our work is based on reports and witness statements it is always admissible; often shortening trial length and, in some cases, eliminating the need for a trial entirely.

We always ensure that complex events or detailed technical concepts are presented clearly and succinctly, whether through explanatory animations or documentary-style content. Simply put, there is no better way to present your case.

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A proven method for illustrating events leading up to an incident/accident, or working mechanisms or processes. An excellent alternative to a site visit, and particularly useful for illustrating the inner workings of machinery.

Location Filming

Our film crew can record live reconstructions and process demonstrations. Effective for adding 'real world' context to animated sequences. We offer both conventional tripod/handheld filming and body mounted cameras for first person point of view.

Drone Surveys

Our licensed drone operators offer a birds-eye view of a location, capture detailed footage of large structures, and provide perspectives unobtainable through regular filming techniques. We are also able to turn large scale drone footage into 3D scanned objects and environments.

Interview Recording

Allowing experts to talk to camera can be useful if there are availability issues, or you wish to create a multi-expert piece. Experts can be filmed on location, and we can provide auto-cue facilities. We offer a full editing service.

Documentary Films

Requested by authorities and legal entities to assist with their investigations, a full documentary style film is useful when multiple viewpoints must be accounted for. We offer a script-edit service, full location and interview filming, and will source any necessary library footage. We can also provide a professional voiceover artist if required.

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Our clients include:

Frequently asked questions

To aid you instruct us, we have put together a list of questions most frequently asked and their answers.
Click on the question to reveal the answer. These FAQs form part of our terms and conditions.

In every case that we have worked on, we find that the key drivers, in terms of information, are always your Expert Witness reports. We would also need as much photographic evidence that you can share in order for us to provide an estimate for the work.

As every case differs vastly from the last, we cannot provide costs, estimated or otherwise, until we have a steer on the scope of the work involved. Once instructed, we require a 50% payment of the full estimated fee – to be settled upon receipt of invoice. This secures our time with you. The fee remainder is payable 30 days from receipt of final invoice. We'll only begin work on your case, once the initial payment has been received in full. This 50% upfront payment is only refundable if we have not fulfilled our obligations to deliver the work required under the agreement. The deposit is non-refundable if the engagement has started and is terminated through no fault of Incident Films / MotionWorks.

Site visits that form part of the filming process are included within the full project fee. A site visit to survey the location ahead of filming is charged at a day rate. We include 2 full day meetings within the project fee. Extra meetings are charged pro rata of the day rate. Day rates can be supplied at the start of the project.

If, for whatever reason, the circumstances change once work has commenced, we simply calculate the time involved in the work and supply an itemised invoice representing this.

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to make revisions to the animations. However, we have the right to limit the number of content changes to a reasonable amount and additional investment will be required if the amendments fall outside of the scope of the original agreement. With regards to extra days filming at location – we will provide you with additional fees and invoices to cover the cost of this. We always advise on additional costs, ahead of starting work.

Once work is complete, we destroy all reports supplied by you to us after 30 days, unless advised otherwise.

To view ongoing work, we supply you with a secure link and password to a hosted video service. This helps you share the content with all parties concerned. This service also allows you to download the final videos, on completion of the project.

The simple answer is yes. We also leave the hosted videos online for at least 90 days, unless we are asked not to.

We are happy to sign both. The only caveat in terms of non-disclosure, is that we reserve the right to use content for promotional purposes once the sensitive period is over, eg. following the result of a trial. We will always seek approval first, and where possible, will only use non-branded footage.