Monty Bojangles, truffle towers

Aimed squarely at the gift market, we made use of the ribbon wrapped around the pack to emphasise this to consumers. Bringing the Monty personality to the fore, and with flavours with a twist, we created a swirling chocolicious helix that helps communicate the product varient shown on screen.  We created two sequences, the first being for vegan preferences.

Once approved, we delivered square and portrait versions for social media.


Monty Bojangles

what we delivered:

Storyboard, animatic, 3D animation, audio edits, transcodes.

Motionworks - Monty-Bojangles-Vegan-1
Motionworks - Monty-Bojangles-Tower-1
Motionworks - Monty-Bojangles-Tower-3
Motionworks - Monty-Bojangles-Vegan-5
Motionworks - Monty-Bojangles-Tower-4
Motionworks - Monty-Bojangles-Vegan-7

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