Robinsons - store opening, festival city, dubai

The design brief asked us to consider an array of seemingly disparate subjects that needed pulling together cohesively. We were supplied with the guidelines for the brand, store design, and opening theme and it’s corresponding colour palette. The brand’s Far-Eastern heritage was also part of the mix. The flexible design had to work in both landscape and portrait formats, and would appear on external and internal screens.
We found a loose narrative in the creation / build of a window display – similar in design to the provided store guidelines. In terms of animation, almost all of the elements have an opening, unfurling or growing motion to them. The beginning is a view of the type of building; haphazardly painted in bright colours that you’d find in Little India, Singapore – Robinsons brand home.


Al Futtaim Group / Connectiv

what we delivered:

Concepts, storyboards, 3D modelling, animation, transcodes.

Motionworks - Robinsons-Paper-wood
Motionworks - Robinsons-parasol
Motionworks - Robinsons-leaves
Motionworks - Robinsons-Flower
Motionworks - Robinsons-Blossoms
Motionworks - Robinsons-Oasis-1


Robinsons - Store-front
Robinsons - mood
Robinsons - Palette

Store-front visual, mood board
and colour palette © Al Fouttaim Group.

Little India: Shutterstock