Sweat Union Gyms UK made the decision to update its video communications strategy for deployment on large screens at its gym locations, website, and online channels in an effort to provide a more engaging and interactive experience for its members. We were brought on board via a client referral in a consultative role to assist them in unifying a disperate collection of motion graphics animation and film that had previously been produced on an ad-hoc basis.

We were inspired by the interior redesign of the six Sweat Gym locations, created by Horne Mcintosh Interior Architects. HM’s design team had incorporated a sleek and modern look and feel into the gym spaces, with a signature colour scheme and bold graphics. We felt that our approach needed to fit into the context of its primary environment, so we took these elements and turned them into a series of hero pieces and templated content for the client’s in-house team to use. It was necessary to combine existing footage and some stock elements into a cohesive look using edits and colour grading.

The end result was a motion design strategy that reflected the brand’s aesthetic and commitment to their fitness offering.


SweatUnion UK

what we delivered:

Design Strategy, Hero Video Sequences, Content Templates, Transcodes

MotionWorks SweatUnion Gyms UK
Motionworks motion design studio- sweat gyms


MotionWorks SweatUnions Horne Mcintosh
MotionWorks SweatUnions Horne Mcintosh
MotionWorks SweatUnions Horne Mcintosh

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